FIMA: Flora in the region of Maamora, Database v.2. Feb. 2022 (prv. v. β June 2014)
© University of Saida - Dr. Moulay Tahar

- [1] Abdelkrim Rachedi. Conference Plenary: FIMA-V.2; Data Integration Updated
Version of the Flora In The Region of Maamoura Database
Journée scientifique, « Phytodiversité et valorisation », 26 Mars 2022, University of SAIDA, Algeria.
- [2] A. Rachedi, A. Mohammedi and A. Boukhalfa A Phytoecological Database for
Annotating Flora in Region of Maamora - Saida, Algeria.
Proceedings: International Seminar
On Medicinal Plants (SIPM . January 2018), page 23., 2018, Al-Oued, Algeria | Click here for Abstract
- [3] A Boukhalfa, A Mohammedi and A Rachedi. An online Phytoecological Database
and Exploration System for Flora in the region of Maamora, Saida.
, La Dynamique et la Valorisation
des Ecocystemes Arides et Semi-arides dans un evironnement Changeant (DVEEC), Proceedings, page 59., 2014

Project realized by 5th year biology students:Abderrahmane Boukhalfa & Ali Mohammedi
On-field advise & data collection guidance by: Dr. Mohamed Terras,
Project initiated & supervised by: Abdelkrim Rachedi, E-mail:

Flora In the region of Maamora Database - FIMA v.2. Feb. 2021

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